Power Supply in Oman

This is part of our arrival information from www.Arabesque.Travel to provide background information for your arriving in Oman.

Here, in Oman, we run on British voltage and 3 pin plug sockets (which with the Earth and Fuse protects you and your equipment from damage) –

but lots of equipment comes with a 2 pin plug fitted as standard.

We also, amazingly, run on screw in light bulbs and British pin type light bulbs (which like their plug’s are also safety oriented as they are either, all in or all out – with the screw type it has an infinite amount of ‘just might be’ ) .

The problem with a British style plug is …. its so bulky and the pins stick out at 90degrees from the body so, along with the bulk, they can dig into and damage so much – including your laptop.

What to do when you have a LapTop, Phone etc that need charging when you take a tour of Oman with us ? ?

Mr Min Kyu Choi came from Korea in 2,000 to study design in Britain and, like magic, came up with this very nice idea to solve electrical plug size problems, not just in Britain but also in Oman. Here is a very nice video that shows the solution –

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